Dipper Information

What You Should Know

There are risks associated with going into Lake Ontario on January 1. The temperature of the water and the surrounding environment may be extremely cold and Lake Ontario is polluted. You should consult your physician prior to engaging in this event. Individuals who are pregnant, or have poor cardiac functioning, or suffer from a seizure disorder should not participate.

How To Participate

1. Register and create your online fundraising page (online registration now closed, please register at the park)

  • If you choose not to pay the registration fee online during your fundraising page setup, you will need to bring $30 cash or a cheque (made out to World Vision Canada) to the park on January 1st.
  • If you would prefer to register and fundraise offline, please complete your registration form before heading to the park. Forms are available at the registration desk on January 1st but the process is much quicker if you fill it out in advance.

2. Ask friends and family to support your dip with donations (minimum $20 donation to receive a tax receipt). Every $100 in collected online donations (before noon on December 31st) will get you 1 ballot for our Grand Prize Draw of a BBQ from Traeger Grills! Plus the individual who raises the most money will win a grand prize courtesy of Shoppers Drug Mart at Third Line & Dundas in Oakville.

3. Grab a friend to be your spotter and arrive at Bronte Beach Park in Oakville by 1pm to ensure you have time to check in at the registration desk and enjoy the festivities. There is limited parking at Bronte Beach Park so please consider taking the free Attridge Transportation shuttle bus leaving from South Oakville Centre (formerly Hopedale Mall) 1515 Rebecca St. in Oakville. Please park near The Beer Store

4. Visit the registration table to check in and if you haven't already done so, pay your $30 registration fee (cash or cheque made out to World Vision Canada or Credit/Debit available courtesy of Oak Merchant Solutions). You will submit your waiver form along with any funds raised and you will receive your dipper wristband, spotter wristband, T-shirt and Swag Bag.

5. If you are taking part in the costume contest, make your way to the stage by 1:00pm to register yourself or your team. Or email info@polarbeardip.ca ahead of time with your name and costume entry and category (individual or team). Prizes courtesy of film.ca cinemas in Oakville.

6. Don't rush to line-up by the beach. Take time to enjoy the live music and costume contest before making your way to the beach. While the first wave will take the pluge at 2pm sharp, we have over 700 participants so there will be multiple waves of dippers.

  • Bring an old blanket or towel to put down on the beach so you can sit and change before the dip.
  • Do not strip down to your swim suit until it's time for the dip.
  • Make sure to wear an old pair of shoes or "aqua socks" into the water to prevent cuts from the rocks and to stop your feet from sticking to any snow or ice on the shore.
  • If you wear glasses, make sure to secure them with an athletic strap.
  • Do not stay in the water longer than three crawl strokes. Body heat is lost 25 times faster in water than in air.
  • Make sure you know where your spotter is before you enter the water. This friend will be waiting for you on the shore with a towel, fresh clothing and dry shoes.
  • Warm your feet right away! This is the number one tip from dippers. Bring warm socks and boots to change into.
  • After the dip, head over to the mens or womens change room and get changed out of the cold.
  • Get a feel for the dip by checking out our You Tube Channel

7. Join us at Tin Cup Sports Grill in Oakville for the official post-dip party! Food specials and raffle draws await! Plus 10% of all food purchases on January 1st will go back to the Courage Polar Bear Dip

Not ready to take the plunge? Come to Bronte Beach Park and enjoy the festivities!